Alta Moda

Published in 2013 by MATE – Museo Mario Testino, in tandem with the opening of Mario Testino’s touring exhibition "Alta Moda", this book showcases Testino’s portraits of Peruvians local to the mountainous region of Cusco, wearing festive attire. The series is an on going project that investigates both Peruvian traditions and the history of photography.

Peru’s traditional costumes appear to be as personal, handmade, exquisitely embroidered, conceived and dyed (and as rich in imagination) as the creations of the finest haute couture ateliers. “The vibrancy of the clothes expresses the intensity of spirit of the people who wear them,” Testino said. “I hope my images show how these traditions still exist in the present, at least for now.”

The book contains contributions by Hamish Bowles, Dr. Jennifer Allen, Soledad Mujica and Fedora Martinez.

Contributions by Hamish Bowles, Dr. Jennifer Allen, Soledad Mujica, Fedora Martínez, and Mario Testino. Designed by MARIOTESTINO+. Limited edition: Hardcover, 27 x 33 cm, 170 pages. Published by MATE – Museo Mario Testino; English and Spanish edition (2013)

Alta Moda BBC Documentary



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