A celebration of diversity and authenticity, WOW is Mario Testino’s latest publication and a journey through the photographer’s archive of most striking encounters. From one of Testino’s earliest photographs to a selection of recent work, this book offers a window to extraordinary ways of living and of enjoying self expression.

WOW includes images of Lil’ Peep, Pete Doherty, Amanda Lepore and people who have bent aesthetics to their will and creativity. Testino celebrates the weird, the brave and the different. As explained by himself in the essay included in WOW: “this book is about people who have forced me to stop and look. Nothing done halfway is worth shooting.”

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Soft cover, hand-sewn, 21.3 x 29.4 cm, 66 pages. Published by Superlabo. Published in 2020. Limited edition of 1000

Amanda Lepore, New York, 1999

London, 1997

London, 1975

Lil Peep, New York, 2017

London, 2014

Andres Marti, Bogotá, 2018

Tokyo, 2018

London, 2014


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