Yvon Lambert’s first solo exhibition of Mario Testino’s photographs brings together two bodies of work: "Extremes" – an unprecedented edit of iconic Mario Testino images including never before exhibited works – and his acclaimed ethnographic study "Alta Moda."

Testino has built his career on discovery and transformation, constantly redefining the boundaries of fashion photography. In the babel of styles and trends, Testino invented a new language that translates the meaning of the term ‘fashion’ from one country to the next, from one decade to another.

The Exhibition

"Extremes" captures the extraordinary plurality of Testino’s work. Each of his images creates a world of elegance, beauty and style but with irreverence and contradiction. His pictures portray the interplay of mass media, celebrity and glamour, offering a new understanding of the aesthetic of fashion photography. Everyone he photographs embodies the spirit of the moment. His sense of fashion has transformed many of his portraits into icons: a Mario Testino portrait will always remain unmistakable.

Mario Testino, "Extremes", Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris 2014.


Natasha Poly & Eva Herzigova, Madrid, Spanish Vogue, 2012

Nadja Auermann, Berlin, German Vogue, 2008

Berlin, German Vogue, 2008

Los Angeles, VMAN, 2008



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