Pink Pool

Mario Testino at Prism Gallery

In 2013, Prism Gallery in Los Angeles mounted the first gallery exhibition of Mario Testino’s work in the United States in seven years. The exhibition presented several of Testino’s most commanding images with a large number of personal works that span his thirty-year career.

The Exhibition

As one of the most admired photographers in the world, Testino has attained the rare accomplishment of creating images that become as iconic as the identities and locations that populate them. In both human subjects and landscapes, Testino is able to locate and capture the performative and intimate at once. His ingenuity lies in his capacity to cement the cultural, social and commercial impulses of the moment into a single, lustrous image.

"Mario Testino at Prism Gallery", Prism Gallery, Los Angeles 2013.


Pool, Los Angeles, 2000

Kate Moss, Lima, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii,

Night Ball, Rio De Janeiro, 1997


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