Mario Testino: Let the Sun Shine In

For over 40 years Mario Testino has continued to surprise the art world with photographs that have an energy, fluidity, freedom and sensuality that defy conventionality. With a sophisticated understanding of fashion, clothes, and culture and a commitment to keeping his subjects vital and open – he has worked with many of the greatest designers and models since the 1980’s.

Mario Testino was born in 1954 in Lima, Peru and was raised in a traditional Catholic family. He was nurtured in a culture of formal conventions and behavior – and his upbringing has enriched his aesthetic understanding of the world. Testino’s memory of his mother was, “She was a dresser… She trained me to what I do today.”

"Mario Testino: Let the Sun Shine In", Holden Luntz Gallery, December 16th, 2023 - January 20th, 2024

Selected Works

Mario Testino, Kate Moss, London 2006

Mario Testino, Fernanda Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Vanity Fair, 2007

Mario Testino, Gisele Bundchen, Rio de Janeiro, Allure, 1998

Mario Testino, Amber Valletta, Rio de Janeiro, American Vogue, 1997

Mario Testino, Carmen Kass. Los Angeles, Allure, 2009

Mario Testino, Karlie Kloss, Bahia, American Vogue, 2012


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