Published in 2020 by MATE – Museo Mario Testino, "Pasito a Paso" is a contemporary view of one of Peru’s most beloved traditions: The Marinera dance.

Mario Testino captures the dance from its flirtatious and accelerated pace to the details that define its costumes: voluminous skirts, intricate filigree jewellery, scarves and sashes. This book is an invitation to contemplate Marinera’s origin and evolution. It is a celebration of a celebration. The images in the book were photographed by Mario Testino throughout 2019 in the Peruvian regions of Trujillo, Lurín, and Lima. Testino’s photographs feature detailed aspects of the dance through portraits of Marinera’s national champions in action and local models wearing historical and traditional Marinera costumes.

The book includes essays by Luis Repetto, Maria Laura Hernández de Agüero, Marcela Ganoza and Mario Testino. Designed by Juan Gatti for MATE. Hardcover, 32 x 24 cm, 136 pages. Published by MATE – Museo Mario Testino; English and Spanish edition (2019)

Pasito a Paso, MATE, 2020

Daniela Ferrero Pujazón and Octavio Feijóo Ruiz, Lurín, 2019

Sebastián Vargas Gutiérrez, Lima, 2019

Analucia Garay Asca, Lima, 2019

Hugo Romero Quevedo and María Marta Reverte Riofrío, Trujillo, 2019



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